RENATELSAT, as a Public Broadcaster, Public Carrier and Public Operator of reference, aware of its missions, has the following objectives

Global Goal

To extend its activities over the whole territory by setting up a Satellite Backbone (national network of high speed transmission via satellite) in order to ensure a fast, sustainable and harmonious economic development of the DRC.

Specific Goals

   Eliminate the digital divide that the country is facing.

   To pull the DRC out of the telecommunications abyss.

   Increase the revenue of the public treasury by selling its services.

   To reach the level of self-financing for its future projects.

   To provide the Government with clean, secure and quality means of communication.

   Increase its points of presence in order to serve the entire Congolese community.

   Promote the integration and use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) throughout the country.

   Create employment opportunities for Congolese youth.